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Honesty - Integrity - Accountability

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Eliz's campaign -- we will reach out to you shortly and are excited to have you on the team!

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Every vote counts!

As an educator of nearly two decades, I believe education is the foundation of our society, affecting all aspects of our lives and community. We must work together to improve the educational outcomes of our students, provide teachers with greater support and resources, and ensure parents are active participants in the educational process.

I believe that we must adopt and implement evidence-based best practices for education to ensure that our students are prepared to be productive members of the global society in which we live. Our students are far more than a test score, and rather than simply teach to a test, we must remove the handcuffs from our teachers and allow them to teach material that promotes curiosity and critical thinking skills. The district must also provide high-quality education to all students, including our special needs and gifted students, and the district must meet the needs of all learners.


The district must also adopt and implement plans to handle emergent situations, such as that experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, that address both public safety issues and provide remote learning options for those whose health would be compromised by in-person attendance. Above all, the district must be transparent with the community when developing policies and procedures and accountable for their actions. 

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  • Invest in both college and trade school preparatory programs

  • Provide life skills courses to prepare students for life after graduation

  • Promote curiosity, experiential learning, and critical thinking skills for career preparation 

  • Reduce class sizes

  • Support family engagement with inclusive, individualized approaches and informational community events

  • Invest in early education child development programs

  • ESE and gifted learner initiatives based on best practices.

  • Grade-level reading initiatives to ensure literacy proficiency

  • Promote culturally relevant teaching and learning.

  • Support professional development and partner with teachers to develop appropriate policies

  • Improve teacher retention through salary increases and advocate for benefits reform.

  • Develop and implement evidence-based safety protocols for public health situations. 

  • Expand mental health care services and programs available to KISD students, staff, and employees.

  • Improve access to a breadth of services, including nutrition, physical, and mental health services, to ensure students are able to focus on learning

  • Develop and implement plans to handle virtual education should the need arise. 

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